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Saturday 4th November

rocket Star Fireworks

Ascot Round Table is organising the event as part of its community service programme. To find out more about Ascot Round Table, please visit or email via the contact us page. All proceeds support local charitable causes.

The organisers would like to acknowledge the very significant support of the local community who donate services free or at a nominal charge. The significance of the support is more than just financial: without this support the event simply would not take place.
Please support them in return:

Ascot Racecourse
Ascot Fire Brigade
Thames Valley Police
All Saints Church
1st Ascot (All Saints') Scout Group
Ascot Interiors Limited
Thomas Ross Limited
telanova limited
Person Centred Software

If you, your organisation, your web site, or your email address should be listed here, but isn't, please accept my apology and email details to me via the contact us page.